Clean coding principles

Experienced senior web developers with more than 10 years of experience with projects done for clients across the world can make your every web development dream come true.

  • Valid code

  • Fast loading time

  • Bug-free

  • User-friendly

  • SEO-friendly

  • Mobile Friendly (Resoponsive)

We work in line with the latest trends in new technologies and responsive design. We are always active participants at international web technologies conferences.

You want a perfect product?

  • Flawless code
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL
  • Responsive design
  • Retina-ready websites

Ordering web projects

Thanks to the long experience that has sharpened their perception and improved skills, developers in Res Opera team are developing software solutions that are fast, transparent, accurate, easily understandable and optimized. The results of our work are reflected in digital projects for many small and large companies from all around the world. See for yourself.

From Shopping Cart to a Loyal Customer

Our brand & increase sales. We offer exceptional web design experiences, from premium eCommerce themes to customized customer-centric storefronts.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner, a struggling Entrepreneur who is willing to transform his idea into reality or a well-established brand, the objectives are the same: understand and meet the customer needs and grow your business. Success in every environment requires vigorous planning and leveraging the modern-day technology to turn visitors into loyal customers. From usability to spanning architecture, Res Opera digs deep into every touch point, and establish a long-term connection between your brand and the customer.
Pakistani based e-commerce website development company with an extremely dynamic and user-friendly interface, the backhand is straightforward and simple, which gives you ultimate control of your content, and the hosting options.A website design & development agency that is offering a fully-automated system, including intuitive stock inventory control, order confirmation, sales report and easygoing shopping cart to increase your sales.

Custom eCommerce Website Development
For large organizations with unique requirements, we are offering custom eCommerce website development services. This is since the source code is not easily assembled therefore it is difficult to hack or engineer. We have a strong focus on the shopping cart module and the credit card merchant provider as it is the most difficult and unsecured part of any website design & development.

Some of the Features Include:

  • Custom Database
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Search Capabilities
  • Custom Product Configuration
  • Custom Product filtering
  • Custom Efficient Checkout
  • Custom mobile app development
  • Open Source eCommerce Development

This is usually for Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want custom website solutions in a cost-effective budget.
Based on your requirement we will develop a fully-featured website with the up-to-date eCommerce CRM for online businesses namely Magento, WooCommerce,Big-commerce, osCommerce,PrestaShop, OpenSource, and OroCRM. We combine marketing with the latest technology to create a memorable experience for the customers.

What is front-end development?

It is the first thing you see when you enter a website. Frontend development underlines the process of coding and development of functionalities after the design has been accepted. A good frontender is a person which converts a design into a functional and coded website with valid code, with zero or minimal difference from its PSD design file, and in line with SEO rules.

Why is front-end development so important?

Back in the days, front-end developers were given less attention as it was thought that their skills were not so important. Luckily, this false belief has greatly changed so today front-end developers are equally important as back-end developers.

These are just some of the reasons why front-end development matters so much:

  • Website structure must be entirely layered
  • HTML code should be HTML5, XHTML1.0 strictly
  • Incomplete solutions, tricks and empty tags are strictly prohibited
  • CSS class names should be structure-related
  • Websites must be tested for all browsers compatibility
  • Only one website for all devices

What makes Res Opera front-end development different?

Our front-end web development team is skilled in HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX and CSS. Res Opera’s development team creates websites that are:

  • hand-coded, thus fully custom and unique,
  • SEO-friendly,
  • Compatible with Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE/Edge browsers and all operative systems.

Order user interface development or redesign

Did you know that every dollar you invest in user experience design has 9900 % ROI? It it crystal clear that quality web design is important for every business. This is why we also highlight the importance of a professional, logical and clearly profiled approach to website or e-shop design. We are specialized in creating unique, high-quality websites. See for yourselves!

Website back-end development

The back-end development phrase entails the background of your website and it functionalities which the end-users cannot see. Back-end developers at Res Opera create your website’s back part, that is secure and loads fast.

We use PHP, MySQL and reliable and approved development frameworks.

  • Res Opera’s back-end developers ensure your site displays the right information

  • Res Opera creates content management system that allows you to quickly and efficiently update your website with new content.

CMS development

No matter if you run a personal blog or are in charge of a global multinational company website, you need a reliable content management system for adding new articles, product description or analytical reports from the back-end. Res Opera has a wide experience in the development of such systems. We develop CMSs from scratch and adjust them to our clients’ needs.

The best CMS deserves the best treatment. UniqueWordPress themes we create, are defined through contemporary practices, standards and methodology.

WordPress is world No.1 CMS

Over 60 million people have created their own website using the WordPress platform. WordPress platform is one of the most flexible open-type solutions that is constantly updated and takes up a 60% stake in the platform market of this type. This is one of the most favorite tools we use to design powerful, unique websites for you. The simplicity of the WordPress platform and an appealing interface have enabled all users to independently update the website with new content without any problems.

Custom WordPress themes and plugin development

According to your needs, we will create a unique WordPress theme for your needs only. We will also adapt the theme options and use responsive design so that the website is adapted for the good overview and usage on all portable devices. We will create WordPress plugins that will meet your needs.

We offer:

  • Installation and setup

  • Unique templates and themes, design and development

  • Custom CMS development

  • 3rd party plugin customization

  • 3rd party plugin customization

  • 3rd party theme customization and integration services

  • 3rd party theme customization and integration services

Manage your website content with easy-to-usecustom made CMS. You don’t have to be a programmer.Be independent.

What is a content management system?

Content Management Systems (CMS) enable you to update your website content in real time from anywhere in the world. CMS enables different administrator roles which can update the content at the same time. Using this system enables you to add text content, images and galleries all at once, video material, change URLs, to manipulate navigation, sliders, categories and pages. You can add pages, products, prices, meta tags all by yourself. All our projects are dynamic websites with back-end CMS. Our CMS web developers specialize in custom made CMS solutions, or build them on the WordPress CMS platform.

Order CMS-powered website

Static websites are long gone and forgotten. New system flexibility, constant updates, social network integration, SEO-friendliness, and newer versions upgrade, have provided users with an irreplaceable tool for content management. At PopArt Studio we spent years developing numerous CMS software solutions. We put emphasis on developing systems both usable and easy to learn, to assist users in keeping their websites fresh and up to date with the needs of their visitors.

We Give Attention.Design..Develop..

You Succeed..

Ready to turn your idea into a dream website? We would love to give attention to your needs, listen and know about your business. We are curious to find out what you want to your website do for you whether your goal is to create brand awareness, gain loyal customers, or attract passionate people to your team, we can bet that we can make that happen for you. Drop us an email and we will take all your worries away from you..

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We design and develop websites for manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Exporters, Real State Owners, B2B & B2C Portal, Matrimonial Portal, Job Board, Classified Sites, Corporate Sites, eCommerce, Medical, Travel & Tourism Portals and everything in between.

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Never Lose a Loyal Customer Again

An attractive website design not only increases sales, it takes one-step more and boost the perceived value of your products and establish the credibility of your website and business. Therefore, we use our in-house team of imaginative experts who make sure that it is not about sales, but your website needs to look good too.

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